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Pocket Love ulasan: Build your family with this adorable simulation game

HyperBeard, the sanggar behind Adorable Home has launched their brand new simulation game Pocket Love. Pocket Love is a simulation game set in a virtual neighborhood. Players have to build their dream house with different furniture which they can buy using the in-game currency. Players have to manage their character and partner in this virtual pocket-sized home. In this article, we will ulasan Pocket Love and share our first impressions of the game.

Choose your Pet and start your own family in the sweet neighborhood
Players start their journey in this pocket-sized simulation by making their character and partner’s character. They have to choose from different hairstyles and further down customizations like dresses can be done later in the game. Once that’s sorted players can choose their loyal pet.

Players have two options: either a cat or a dog. There are different colors and styles of cats and dogs players can choose from. Once that’s done they can name their pet and proceed to the game.

Once the creation is done players are welcomed to a sweet neighborhood where they can start their families. They are given a small room where they can start decorating. Once they earn enough money they can expand their space and add more furniture. At the start, players are given some free money to kickstart their journey. A small panduan helps them on how the game works. Once that’s done players can start their journey on building their dream home.

Buy from a wide selection of furniture and decorate your sweet home
Players can choose from a large catalog of furniture from the amazing store. They can buy the furniture which suits their dream home. Initially, only a selected amount of furniture is made available for the players to buy from. But as they tahapan up they can buy more furniture.

The furniture can be bought from the amazing store. The items are delivered instantly to your doorstep. The best part is there is no waiting or paywall for faster delivery which is very common in other simulation games. Players also get free furniture outside their homes in a selected time interval.

Complete simple missions to earn money
In order to buy more space and furniture players have to spend more money. Players can simply earn money by completing a set of tasks. Upon completing these tasks players are given currency which they spend to buy furniture and more space to build. There is also another way to get currency in-game.