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PC Game Pass in January adds Resident Evil 2 Remake and an Assassin’s Creed that will last you until 2025

Xbox have revealed their first haul of games headed to PC Game Pass in 2024, and there are some corkers. Among the selection is one of – if not the – best horror games ever made, a whopping Assassin’s Creed that ranks as one of the better entries in the series and some other interesting picks, too. Let’s get stuck in.

Already available is Close to the Sun, which Alice Bee found to be a fairly satisfying and relatively spooky BioShock-a-like placed between jump scares and calmer poking around Art Deco environments. It kicks off a month of pretty solid additions, with some big names nestled among smaller gems.

Tomorrow, simmy World War 2 mass-multiplayer shooter Hell Let Loose joins the offering. I found my brief time with it to only cement the knowledge I would be killed almost immediately in any sort of combat environment, but it seems like the kind of thing that those into their hardcore military shooters and/or historical sims will dig.

On the 9th, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla lands its Viking longboat on the library. Arguably one of the better Assassin’s Creeds – and undoubtedly slot spaceman one of the biggest – Valhalla leads into last year’s much smaller spin-off Mirage, so it’s good timing if you’re after some face-stabbing action to see through the January evenings.

Elsewhere in this month’s additions there’s the return of We Happy Few after almost exactly a year off Game Pass, along with imaginative adventure game Figment, Super Mega Baseball 4 and psychological horror game Those Who Remain.

Most excitingly, the Resident Evil 2 remake finds its way onto PC Game Pass on January 16th. While I’m sure many will disagree – even myself, depending on when you catch me – RE2 Remake is easily in contention for the best Resident Evil game, as well as being one of the greatest horror games ever made. If you haven’t played it yet, don’t pass up the chance.

Here\\\’s a full list of what\\\’s headed to PC Game Pass during January:

Close to the Sun – January 3rd
Hell Let Loose – January 4th
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – January 9th
Figment – January 9th
Super Mega Baseball 4 – January 11th
We Happy Few – January 11th
Resident Evil 2 – January 16th
Those Who Remain – January 16th
New arrivals means new departures, with cosy RPG Garden Story, MotoGP 22 and both Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable leaving Game Pass on January 15th. Given the hefty length of Persona games, that doesn’t leave loads of time to check out P3P before remake Persona 3 Reload arrives at the start of February, so get cracking if you’re curious.