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Game Asymmetric Multiplayer horor Sequel Deceit 2 Terbaru

“Deceit 2 ambitiously expands on the gameplay of the original Deceit while overhauling and enhancing features according to feedback from our devoted community,” said World Makers CEO James Thompson in a press release. “PC players should definitely wishlist slot online 777 on Steam now, but we’re also introducing the twisted world of Deceit to console players for the first time when Deceit 2 releases on PlayStation and Xbox consoles this year.”

Here is an overview of the game, melewati World Makers:

Deceit 2 is the long-awaited follow up to the beloved social horror survival game Deceit. Along with all-new content, overhauled characters, and gameplay innovations, Deceit 2 will also mark the franchise’s debut on consoles, with a significant upgrade in graphics. The original Deceit, released in 2017 and downloaded by more than 13 million players, was one of the founding titles in the asymmetrical social horror genre, popularized by Deceit, Among Us, and Dead by Daylight.

Deceit 2 will be an evolution for asymmetric horror gameplay, bringing players an authentic terrifying atmosphere that permeates every aspect of the game. Deceit 2 will feature a massive overhaul of gameplay mechanics that will create a more tense and suspicious atmosphere for players as they attempt to figure out who among their friends is the Infected Terror stalking them. Combat will feature new items and abilities to empower the innocents as they defend themselves against the Infected, as well as interactive maps that create more intense chases. Deceit 2 will also offer narrative content to fans featuring new and returning characters from the original Deceit, following the story of a mysterious ritual with blood and subterfuge in a multidimensional fight to survive.

The game’s visuals also receive a huge makeover thanks to Unreal Engine 5, featuring more detailed characters and horrifying monstrosities, as well as higher-fidelity textures in maps. Player count has been upgraded to 9 players, offering more opportunities for strategy, but more chances that someone might be the Infected too. Players will also be able to trade with a new character “The Peddler” for weapons, items, and clues on Infected players.

Key Features

New Next-Gen Visuals – All-new visually stunning characters and maps built completely from the ground up for modern platforms in Unreal Engine 5.
Increased Player Count – Deceit 2 expands the player cap from six to nine players. Maps and gameplay have been redesigned to accommodate larger matches.
Overhauled Combat – Intense chase sequences with remastered Terror monsters, new items and abilities, and interactive maps provide groundbreaking asymmetric action.
Three New Characters – A set of brand new characters join the roster.
Enhanced Story Content – Detailed backstories and expanded lore wrap the characters and players into a richer universe.
Rich Investigation Mechanics – New items, clues, and abilities flesh out the investigation gameplay.